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How to register for epic crypto wins: registering at a top exchange

Are you keeping up with crypto news, overexcited because halving happened yesterday and you know there’s scientific proof Bitcoin is going to reach unseen heights? 

Are you new and want to register at an exchange with no hassle, tough KYC that lasts 2 weeks, and complicated data everywhere? 

Are you an advanced user looking for a stupid amount of bouses, lots of passive income, and every other means of additional income you can think of? 

Do you honestly believe Binance was great but it’s time to look for the next generation of exchanges? 

Do you know The One is out there? But where? Here’s how to ensure finding The One is just a matter of time.  

You’re on a need-to-know basis, and you need to know

Crypto exchanges have been around for only a few years and boy, did they leave some spectacular memories in the short time they’ve been around! 


A few years back, you probably know, MT GOX tried and, ahem, had a blast of a time, and that atomic explosion attracted a lot of public attention. While it was no doubt a fail, it also showed people that crypto is capable of creating interesting stuff. MT Gox and Silk Road were those exploding helicopters crypto needed to get some help to be recognized. 

We constantly complain about billions of dollars countries have to spend on security, but hey, while Bitcoin’s lifeline is constantly going up and down with hackers, subdermal wallets, incredible wins, Lambos and so on – it could be worse, right? When your lifeline goes flat, that’s when you know you’re dead. 

Registering at exchanges: a history of problems

Exchanges pretty much came equipped with problems: In addition to being insanely complicated to use, they have had their share of volatility and scandals from the beginning. 

You can probably consider Gold & Silver Reserve’s E-Gold the first official exchange, back in 1996. Even 24 years ago, electronic currency systems were already making headlines. Exactly 13 years after the release of Die Hard, its events, a lone hero, money laundering, terrorists, and dizzying heights, were already happening in 2001.  And that’s before Satoshi invented Bitcoin, and before it started getting expensive!

The advent of new electronic currency systems increases the risk that criminals, and possibly terrorists, will exploit these systems to launder money and transfer funds globally to avoid law enforcement scrutiny and circumvent banking regulations and reporting. The FBI will…aggressively investigate and prosecute any, and all, persons or organizations that use these systems to facilitate child pornography distribution, to support organized crime, and to perpetrate financial crimes. — FBI about the Gold Age raid. 

Not my bussiness

Are you looking for an exchange thinking that today is safer and that Silk Road, FBI raids and bankruptcy are things of the past? Read on. 

1. Crypto registration: security concerns 

Since the 21st century, times changed. Cryptocurrencies evolved, and so did security. So did the hackers. With US printing money whenever it’s needed, there’s never been more dollars in the world. Here’s the incentive. Plus the systems used to perpetrate computers are so much better these days that it’s almost impossible not to try them (don’t ask how we know). 

What’s the result? 

21% of user files are unprotected, 780 000 records are lost a day, cybercrime is costing trillions, people are opening 30% of phishing emails – and the need to hack is higher than ever with your credit card details costing as little as between $0.20 to $15. So a lot of hacking needs to be done to make a living. 


Fact-check: crypto exchange no KYC registration 

Exchanges are still getting hacked with tremendous regularity. 2019 was a record high. More than half a million logins and $292,665,886 crypto funds were gone with the wind last year as the following lost their money: VinDAX, Bitpoint, Bitrue, GateHub, DragonEx (which is now an ex-dragon), Bithumb, Coinbene, Coinbin, and Coinmama. Oh, and Binance. 

2. Cryptocurrency registration: complexity 

Now, exchanges have built up their protection over the years to attract users. No-one wants to trade if one day, after all the blood, sweat and tears there’s nothing to trade with. However, as more and more details are introduced, navigating exchanges is becoming more and more difficult. 

Did you think getting registered was as easy as 1-2-3? You’ll be lucky if it takes you less than 40 minutes to get trading with Binance (send off your ID, wave your head in front of the camera – hey! SLOWLY), get rejected, repeat, repeat, repeat, seek support, get a ticket, wait 7-10 days for KYC to clear). Thanks! 

Cryptopia, after it’s been hacked, is not doing AML right. Uh-oh. Bitmex outages were combined with traders getting forcefully deleveraged on Binance in March. It seems how Binance works is a mystery even to the experienced traders. 

binance adl

3. As a rule, exchanges are not your friends

Bear in mind that, although exchanges provide lucrative offers, ultimately they will squeeze every last drop of juice out of you that they can. You probably already know there are many scammers out there. Therefore you need to fish for negative reviews as much as you can when you register. 

What’s most important when you’re registering at an exchange? 

  1. Make sure there are no surprises: the exchange should be easy to use and the support should be able to answer all your questions.
  2. Pick one that offers as many starting bonuses as possible. It’s a very competitive field, and exchanges will go out of their mind trying to lure you in with bonuses and special offers. 
  3. Make sure that the security part of it is taken care of. Multi-signatures and cold storage are a must.
  4. Registering should be simple. It should ideally take you less than a minute. 
  5. There should be no negative reviews.

Let’s take a look at a perfect scenario of an exchange that ticks all the boxes. Getting registered at Nominex takes less than a minute, security is in order, there are more bonuses` than you can keep track of, and the whole thing takes less than 20 seconds. 

Here’s how

Go to Nominex.io:

Registering at Nominex step 1

Click “Create Account” (top right):

Registering at Nominex step 2

Fill in the fields below in under 10 seconds:

Registering at Nominex step 3

Click Enter:

Registering at Nominex step 4

Confirm email:

Registering at Nominex step 5


Registering at Nominex step 6

Marvel at your opportunities:

Registering at Nominex step 7

Crypto exchange registration: in the end

Nominex is an excellent example of what a perfect exchange is if you’re new and looking to register for the first time. You are not alone! 70% of people still don’t know what crypto is. Welcome, oh Chosen One! 

You will no doubt be pleasantly surprised by features that Nominex offers for newbies: 

  • Flawlessly simple registration.
  • Excellent security that includes multisigs and cold storage and 99% cold storage.
  • Simple UX with the help of which you can get anywhere on the platform in 3 clicks.
  • Lack of dizzying array of functions that will make your head spin around and explode.

Now, if you stick with Nominex you’ll discover a plethora of other features that will pleasantly surprise you. and we’re sure that you will give in to its warm embrace in no time. You know the feeling if you’ve ever bought a really expensive mattress. 

What’s better than free crypto for registration?

  • Advanced orders (we use some of them to send space ships to Saturn to collect diamond rain and start new civilizations).
  • The best referral program in the industry that offers unprecedented opportunities to earn thousands a week and exponential profits growth without you doing anything.
  • Free valuable gifts!
  • Tournaments with serious prizes.
  • Multiple types of bonuses that apply at the same time.
  • Lowest commissions in the Universe.
  • Deposits and withdrawals in a jiffy.
  • No KYC for up to 3BTC a day withdrawals.
  • Money handed out for trusted trading.
  • Think of us as a beautiful chocolate fountain that overflows. 
chocolate and strawberry

Chocolate fountains do exist and we’ve seen one and drank from it using strawberries. So there you go. There’s nothing you can’t do. 

Just like installing Satoshi’s Bitcoin-mining software in 2010, registering with Nominex is your way into the gorgeous future ahead full of chocolate fountains, yachts, and tropical islands. 

Don’t drink and trade!

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