Nominex tournaments

Finally, some good news! Nominex is launching tournaments

Nominex makes its mission the creation of superior user experience that differs as much from the others’ everything as Ferraris are different from Skodas (no product placement, Skoda, sorry, but we had to). 

Actually, now we feel bad, so we take that back — Skodas are massively underrated and they better than many other cars in their class. But we’re talking about a whole different class here. 

Nominex is launching tournaments

Beautiful tournaments launched by Nominex: what’s so special about them?

Nominex aims to develop every aspect of the system so that it’s incomparable with the other designs. You can compare our affiliate program with the others — and let us prove to you in the time to come that everything else, from security to fiduciary trading, is all up to the same standard. 

Nominex is launching tournaments

Now, when it comes to tournaments we decided to introduce as many parallel pros as possible while holding true to the legacy of Satoshi and providing fair access to everyone. That is why users can use virtual money to make real money as they participate, learn, and win.

We have more info on why we think tournaments are God’s greatest gift to many users and how to join them — but first here’s some background on our legacy and what drives us to put so much work into what we do. 

Some background

What allowed Bitcoin to soar from 5 cents to $20 000? Satoshi Nakamoto took brilliant but underestimated concepts like Nick Szabo’s BitGold that didn’t quite work before, and created a system based on the best features of the best concepts and none of their flaws. 

The Nominex team studied the mechanisms behind the wins and fails of all projects in crypto for the last decade with the same religious fervor and finally finished a mechanism that was, as Michelangelo said, perfect because there was nothing to add or take away. 

Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit

The Nominex exchange, licensed by Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), and the next-door neighbor of the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence in Tallinn, comes from Estonia, the world’s cybersecurity capital and probably the safest place on Earth to do any kind of digital business (which today is all business). 

To continue and expand Estonia’s proud record of cybersecurity achievements, integrity, and well-earned good reputation, Nominex decided to apply the same standards of quality to cryptocurrency exchanges. 

With crypto’s nigh-infinite and world-transforming potential, the only thing that is stopping Bitcoin from becoming the world’s 8th wonder are security concerns. What better place to get impeccable security from than Tallinn where the Cyber Coalition is just another working day like any other? 

Referral system

The first system of its kind to have military-grade security, Nominex treats every other aspect of its system with the same religious fervor. The referral system features unlimited levels for users who joined early on to earn from the exponentially growing unlimited list of person’s referred, demo tournaments allow pro players to make real money with nothing but virtual currency, gamification, and multiple bonuses provide more incentive to entertrade by an order of magnitude. 

There is a stupendous array of leading-edge functionalities collected under the same roof here, but the most attractive part of Nominex (that they’re allowed to talk about) is the referral system, with the first phase of distribution of the tokens already in motion. 

Nominex users deserve the most progressive methods of token distribution, and this penchant for unsurpassed quality for the client goes for everything else too. That is why Nominex implemented its own hybrid system called DCO (In-Demand Coin Offering) that combines the best of all features of the previous systems. 

A hybrid system means some tokens are sold and some are distributed among users. This is important because thanks to active users (token holders) when a token enters the exchange, it will extremely likely not experience a fall in price since it has real utility and is already used. 

Having started on the 22 of April, this system offers tokens for sale (the prices go up every few days) and at the same time rewards users with tokens for active trading, participation in tournaments — and just gives them away. 

Play with Nominex while others are playing with themselves

Each contestant gets 10,000 virtual USDT in their demo account at the start of each tournament round

You can literally start today, after registration that takes 20 seconds. Trade responsibly. All the usual rules apply. Don’t drink and trade, don’t try to get rich to prove to your ex she’s trash, and don’t sit there for 14 hours in front of the chart and wee in a plastic cup, obviously. 

The 5 users with the largest balance at the end of the tournament are declared winners

Skill decides everything, as I said. The runners-up will get consolation prizes, but there’s nothing stopping you from getting to the 1st place. And the good thing about skills is that they can be learned. Anyway, this is demo money, so you’re losing anything. Sounds like a win-win situation to us. 

The larger your profit, the higher your rank on the leaderboard and the bigger your prize

Now, socialism may not be fair. But Nominex is. They reward hard work, teamwork, and twerking (but that’s a whole different story). Whoever’s best gets their fair share. 

The prize is real: you’ll get actual USDT in your real (not demo) trading account. You can’t withdraw the prize money, but you can trade with it for 7 days and then keep the profit

It takes quite a lot to actually make it to the top but I say it’s not much compared to what you’ll get if you start really making money. And I promise the time it takes to get this good at trading will be time put to good use when you find you can make hundreds day in real trading while hardly doing anything (if you really suck, if not, you’re using $100 dollar bills to light your Cubans). Ask Tai Lopez about rags to riches. 

Why choose Nominex tournaments instead of all others?

  • Unlike Forex, Nominex provides real money people can really use without having to place a quintillion lots in order to withdraw the money. 
  • The platform prefers complete equality of opportunity to all, unlike other platforms where you have to spend 40 minutes (or 2 weeks) to handle KYC — and get turned out in the end.
  • Nominex is making trading actually fun by incentivizing you with more bonuses than you can count as opposed to platforms where you’ll be lucky to get one. 
  • They won’t offer you a $100 000 while simultaneously getting scammy reviews all over the internet. Our rep is clean (take a look). 
  • It doesn’t take a week for the support to answer. You know who I’m talking about here but in case not — it rhymes with “Finance”. 
  • Others will actually charge you maybe $20 (ahem, Bino*o). Nominex will just accept the pleasure of your company. 
  • Unlicensed exchanges might actually get you (and themselves) into trouble. Nominex doesn’t abide by the law. Nominex is the law. You can’t tell where the law ends and where Nominex begins because they want to set an example of how other exchanges should be. 


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