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Finally, something good came out of all this: Nominex’s cashback system

Before the virus, trading was a hobby for most and a work of choice for some. Now, it’s the uncontested best way to make money from home as millions of jobless people migrate to remote positions, and one heck of a way to live the life of your (and everyone else’s) dreams.  

We introduced trading tournaments as part of our next-gen platform so that users could come, use a demo trading account, and win real money. As Satoshi meant it, crypto power should be accessible to anyone. 

Nominex’s birthplace is Tallin, the HQ of cybersecurity’s capital of the world, Estonia, and home to NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence, so our security is quite remarkable. 

Our staggering affiliate system is, we like to think, incomparable to anything else in the business right now. And we apply the same standards to everything else too. 

For example, we also offer a cashback system that is as different from the existing systems as a BMW is to a scooter. Here are our proofs of work: 

Nominex’s cashback system

Nominex offers the best cashback system around

Holders of the NMX tokens in the first stage of distribution can get a 100% discount off their trading fees. Everyone hates fees, and Nominex offering to reduce them completely is probably the best kind of cashback imaginable:

where is my cashback

Phase 1

For the first 60 days of NMX distribution every trader that is subject to trading fees while executing any kind of order on the exchange, gets 100% cashback of the fee amount in NMX tokens. The token’s current price is set according to the sale period.


NMX token current price is 0.4 USDT. A user successfully executes an order on Nominex exchange and pays 2 USDT worth of fees. The said user automatically receives 5 NMX tokens (2 / 0.4) as a cashback.

The Nominex whitepaper 

More cashback


NMX ownership = fat bonuses. As a means of providing even more cashback on transactions, Nominex grants its users daily giveaways, rewards from winning tournaments (no investment required), and further rewards offered by the affiliate program.



After phase 1, daily giveaways start (note that users have to comply with certain conditions to be eligible). Giveaways mean users get extra tokens they can do anything they want with, whether that means getting more discounts, trading NMX, or hodling and waiting for even better times.



Users whose level of awesome is quite plainly through the roof can take advantage of Nominex’s tournament system – even if they don’t have any money but, like old-school Kung Fu teachers, pure skill. Those who participate in tournaments can earn real money by using demo accounts to trade.

Affiliate program 


It’s a shame this affiliate networking program is capped at $50 000 a week. But it’ll do. The affiliate program, along with the hybrid token distribution system, is Nominex’s way to the moon.  The business builds itself, profits multiply, bonuses are plenty. The unlimited earnage system deserves a separate article, which you can read about here. For now, know it has the best features of the systems that came before and none of their limitations. The fancy new tech allows you to do the impossible with the tools you had but didn’t know how to put to best use.

What if I want cashback without actually buying stuff?

Very smart. If you want cash back for stuff you didn’t buy you should definitely try tournaments. In other respects, Nominex can be earned our bought. Users don’t have to become investors and spend colossal funds. The tokens will be sent to users who actively trade automatically. Utility increases as more users get involved – exponentially. 

Users may become excellent referrals and get profits from having efficient teams. Becoming an investor is also an option, and in that sense, there is also a kind of cashback being accumulated in the form of bonuses and so on. 

Why put cashback in cashback and add cashback on top of cashback? It sounds like Inception 

The cashback system the Nominex platform has in places solves several problems:


Traders are afraid of using new exchanges and losing their assets.


The fact that Nominex trusts traders with fiduciary management are a good place to start building relationships. Nominex isn’t calling for anyone to invest either. Funds come as cashback while trading. 


Trading is hard for new users. There are hardly any quality trading guides around. 


Several types of cashback at once offer multiple incentives to get interested. We all know the best way to get someone to do something hard is to offer them a generous amount of money. It’s also about mutual respect. 


Trading is boring.


Nothing is boring if you’re thinking of all types of things you can do with the money after. Personally, I’m thinking about the bonuses from this platform in terms of t-shirts. Here’s another one. And another one! 

Plus, you will want to pay more attention to upcoming gamification if trading bores you. In the digital world, nothing is impossible. Yeah, you know what’s up.


In this market, there’s often a lack of communication from exchanges. It can take weeks to resolve problems.


Nominex invested a considerable amount of effort into creating friendly, cool, and funny support that is always there for you should you get lost in infinite shelves with bonuses they offer. 


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