Cashback in crypto

Cashback in crypto: making cryptocurrency earn you cryptocurrency

Cashback is probably one of the most attractive concepts in everything to do with finance. Getting your money back while still keeping the product you were happy with — how much better can it get? It’s kind of like when someone calls security and it turns out to be a strip cop. 


Cashback in crypto

Cashback in cryptocurrency (or any kind of cashback), although it’s rarely anything breathtakingly huge, is always pleasant. Imagine if you were buying a gun and the seller said: “Hey, pretty impressive laser sights! Have this mag, see how you do, it’s on the house”. Or if you bought a coat and someone threw in a couple of sunglasses for free. Nice gesture! 

Probably the best example of cashback I know so far happens when you buy Aldi’s cherry pie using your credit card. Weird, but flying a plane or mountain climbing or even Ibiza’s sunlit shores don’t feel as good.

How does cashback in crypto work? 

Like all genius things, it’s pretty simple. Probably the best way to explain it using an example is featured on Coinsutra: 

“The old method:

You visit the Udemy website and pay $100 to purchase the course.

The new method:

You visit the Lolli website first, click on Udemy link and then purchase the course by paying $100.

Lolli website gives you 18% cashback in the form of Bitcoin. That means, you spent only $82 for the same course and also earned $18’s worth of Bitcoin.”

Cashback in crypto: rewards

Where can you get crypto cashback and how? 


Stormshop allows you up to 40% crypto cashback paid in BTC, ETH, or other coins that go back into a wallet or a Coinbase account. 

The Fold allows you to get up to 20% of your purchases back from Amazon, Starbucks, Uber, Sephora, and Airbnb.

Nominex allows you to do a halving of your fees and multiple other ways of getting your cash back and getting discounts using the system.

Lolli offers a free account registration with access to 500+ brands, including Tony Robbins. Cashback generated when you use the Lolli service goes into your Lolli account from which you can withdraw your crypto to your wallet. 

How to get decent cashback in cryptocurrency?

The only problem with cashback in the fiat world, as well as other places, is that it’s so ridiculously scarce. Usually, you’ll get something like “get $2 back when you spend $20” on goods and services, which is considered a good deal. With Bitcoin, it’s even worse — “Hey, how would you like (get ready for it, pal) a WHOLE 0.0000000000000000001 of Bitcoin back?”

However, blockchain is the next-gen thing, and with it miracles are possible. Cryptocurrencies are to banks what Just Cause 3 is to Call of Duty. Decentralized finance, practically commission-free payments, making money out of thin air, flying taxis, cyborg sex dolls — it’s all happening. Impossible is nothing. 

That means that in crypto it’s entirely possible (like it was possible to save colossal sums and time on fees) to find somewhere where you can get A LOT of cashback. In that respect, a cryptocurrency exchange called Nominex is remarkable in terms of how much it’s willing to give back in terms of bonuses and pretty much free cash. In fact, there are so many bonuses you’ll hardly be able to swat them all away. And you can buy and get cashback — but you can also receive it for free.

How do cashback crypto rewards work?

Nominex offers a whole new level of awesome when it comes to cashback. Not only can you use the NMX token (which can be earned or bought) to get generous discounts — what do you think of 100% trading fee cashback in NMX tokens?


Also, users get additional discounts and bonuses that count as cashback if you think about it: 

  • Decrease your trading fees by 50% while paying fees by NMX tokens.
  • Decrease fees even more if hold special amount of NMX tokens.
  • Win additional NMX tokens in the daily trading tournaments.
  • Participate and win prize in the daily giveaways.


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