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Crypto withdrawal: where to find the lowest fees – or even negative fees

Where to find crypto exchange with usd withdrawal? How important is crypto withdrawal time? What about the best crypto exchange withdrawal limits? Crypto withdrawals are probably one of the most painful things about crypto – and life – besides “safe” razors that will cut you in pieces, and getting your finger whacked by a hammer as you’re holding the nail in place. Premature ejaculation, acne, Sugarbabes – all those things you thought were plain evil growing up will not even come close to problems associating with withdrawing your hard-earned cash. 

Natasha Dow Schull - Addiction By Design

Thank God the crypto niche is noble, unlike the casinos! If you want to find out how diabolical the traps can be the casinos set you so that you can’t withdraw your money, read an excellent book by Natasha Dow Schull Called Addiction By Design. Ouch! Bet your $100 30 times to get a $50 welcome bonus out. What? “Do I have any weapons around the house”, you begin to think. There are a couple of easy and relatively painless ways of withdrawing from life. But wait! Crypto is actually a very benevolent place to be. 

Safest, easiest and fastest withdrawal at a crypto exchange

Crypto is an entirely different niche, which is based on transparency. Maybe less so when it comes to crypto fiat withdrawal but transparency is what lies at the root of it, and without it crypto is nothing. Withdrawing from crypto exchanges is a relatively straightforward process. And yet, you can walk into a real doo-doo every now then which will make you regret even trading crypto to begin with – especially if you’re dealing with crypto exchange fiat withdrawal. 

It’s a sucker punch – when you fought and won like a hero and you think it’s all over. You decide to withdraw your money and the exchange stabs you in the back, producing stupid code that leaves it vulnerable to hackers, delaying, horsing around with your money, or just up and vanishing. What are the dangers?

sucker punch

Crypto cash withdrawal: here be monsters

Food for thought #1: Crypto ATM withdrawals for the moment seem like an even better way to get hacked – but with time things will change for the better.

Food for thought #2: No, I hear you say. We’re way too advanced in this day and age to be hacked! Well, 2019 was the record year for exchange hacks with 12 getting split open like Dorothy’s piggybank by stealthy cyber ninjas – and where’s the money now?  But how to find a safe place to go to?

Crypto exchange withdrawal fees: what matters 

Are there crypto exchanges with no withdrawal fees? So you’re right to be thinking that even before you find a system where you can withdraw money easily – you need to start with the right exchange. 

When it comes to choosing an exchange based in crypto capital withdrawal time and safety, reviews are important, uptime in the business is usually a good indicator of trustworthiness, although hey, look at Binance – it hasn’t been around long but it’s still hugely effective. 

In the end, what you’re looking for in an exchange is amazing security and support staff that will be there to answer your every question. That’s one way to ensure transparency. 

Anyway! Now you’re sure about the fastest withdrawal crypto exchange you’re with and you’re officially after the lowest withdrawal fees. 

First of all, how do withdrawal fees work? 

Crypto Exchange

Without getting into elliptic cryptography, network traffic, UTXOs, anti-matter, and gravitational fields with negative mass, withdrawal fees are how much you’re paying for the little fairies of the Universe to drag your pieces of Etherium or any other crypto from the exchange to your local exchanger and then to your wallet. If there is a crypto-to-fiat functionality, everything happens even quicker. 

The bummer here is that the work it takes to get the money out of the ether and into your bank account or a wallet is often quite substantial. Therefore, you’re often looking at mahoosive fees. There’s no rollover here though, thank God!

While on that thought, for a while, Forex was famous for giving people free money – but to get the money out you had to place a ridiculous amount of deals and 99.99% probability was that you’d lose everything. Hmm, I wonder where that idea came from? 

So you want to get your money out with minimal fees – but also quickly. 

Why you should get your money out of the exchange quick

Don't store too much crypto on exchanges

You shouldn’t store too much crypto on exchanges. As I mentioned, evidence proves at any point in time they can become some lucky guy’s funds who graduated from The Hack Her Academy in Koala Lumpur who’s right now using your ETH to pay for tacos and hookers or just light up cigars with 100 dollar bills to impress Nancy. Hardware wallets are your safest bet! 

If you really must keep money in exchanges, again pay attention to their safety procedures. But hey, when I say a lot of money I mean a couple of dozen thousands of Euros. If you’ve got hundreds in your account a hacker won’t think it’s worth the risk – no-one burgles a flat for a VHS player. So don’t worry too much about it. But hardware wallets – definitely thumbs up.

Also, if you’re looking to get serious, you can find crypto exchange withdrawal fees comparison here.

Is getting your money out really that tough? And why?

Crypto withdrawal time, safety, and pros: how bad can it be? 

You only have to Reddit  “problems withdrawing money” and Google obediently autocompletes with “from Coinbase” (HINT HINT). Being this guy could turn out to be the least of your trouble: 

It’s been over 10 days and I haven’t received any money.

I’ve opened FOUR separate tickets with Coinbase support explaining the problem, but they only replied to the first one saying that there was a bug with their wire transfers, but not explaining why or when I could expect my money.

I also sent an email directly to the Coinbase CEO in an attempt to get the issue escalated, but so far haven’t heard anything. — u/TheRedLtus

There are a plethora of things that can go wrong with huge mechanisms with plenty of moving parts. Money can get delayed, go missing, go to the wrong address, or all three – but the bottom line is that thу scenario is always the same. Your transaction shows as completed, the money isn’t there, you’re alone, hurt, and no-one is there to help. Yikes!

Where to find low commissions and easy and fast crypto to fiat withdrawals? 

There are a myriad of exchanges out there, all of which come with quite a few nuances. 

The Binance BTC withdrawal fee at .0005 is quite low for exchanges but the 0.5% trading fee is on the higher side. — tke1600

One way to find out is to manually try them all. Which is a lot of pretty tedious work. On the other hand, you’re not losing anything by registering at Nominex in less than 20 seconds (including email confirmation) and trying it yourself with a small amount of crypto. 

Best ever crypto capital withdrawal: Nominex, not Sominex!

There’s much to wonder at at Nominex. Unlike with Forex, the 99.99% probability is that you’ll come for the simplicity and stay for: 

  • fast and easy transactions;
  • heaps of bonuses;
  • easy trading;
  • sleek and sexy UI;
  • an impeccable reputation – and generally good company (see what I did there? Good company = good company).

There is a huge array of other features you’ll no doubt find attractive and even come to the conclusion that the advantages you get way outweigh the commissions. So the quickest and smartest way to answer your question (Where can I find fastest and cheapest crypto withdrawal fees)  is that you’ll get the best delicious withdrawal fees on Nominex (you’ll be in profit every time you withdraw money if you prefer to be technical). 

What if I think I still should keep money at an exchange? 

NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence

Nominex comes from the world’s cybersecurity capital, Tallinn, and from right next to NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence. It logically follows there’s no better place to safeguard your funds than a Tallinn-based exchange. Cold storage is the word of the day. 

Don’t worry, it only sounds bad, it doesn’t have anything to do with storing dead bodies on ice or Siberian winters or anything. I think. 

How much can I get out? 

Nominex offers you the option of getting out up to $2500 in less than 10 minutes without KYC. Take that, Bank of America! And your money isn’t deflating as we speak – it’s going up in price. Because it’s crypto.

Check out the funky new Payment Gateways feature (Funds – Withdrawals – Payment Gateways) that is currently being launched at the same time as the IDO is happening – and your referral tree is growing. Eywa, we greet you, oh great one!

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