Mimblewimble Guide (if you’re reading this you’re a genius)

Mimblewimble is honestly one of the best inventions humankind has ever seen. This is a blockchain protocol that adds amazing functionality to the existing network, pretty much making it Web 4.0. 

As you may know, protocols like Bitcoin, Lightning Network, and Ethereum are working hard on improving scalability, security, and ease of access to the code. Many, many would far rather have Bitcoin than anything else . 

Why is Bitcoin the best?

Bitcoin (just like Mimblewimble) it has been invented by a genius who wrote superb code that worked and continued to survive under the attacks of hackers, governments, banks, and conmen for a decade. For a nine-year-old doesn’t look so bad, huh? 

Why Is Bitcoin The Best

It’s out in the open anyone can try to take over, and they did — and Bitcoin is still standing proudly. And it’s not like banks and hackers haven’t tried to take it down. 

  • For hackers, there are billions at stake if they crack the code. 
  • For the banks, crypto is stealing their users and their billions too. 
  • The government sees it as a threat, whether it likes to admit it or not, and many, many others. 

And yet here we are, with numbers of Bitcoins users growing, many more companies using blockchain and Bitcoin, more relaxed regulation, many more products can be bought using crypto… It’s a tech that has never been hacked.

And yet it turns out that there is something better. If you study crypto very carefully, you’ll find out it’s not 100% anonymous. 

Not anonymous
  • Your traffic provider can analyze data packets that you send out and detect suspicious activity. By encrypting your data you make it very difficult for them to detect it. But not impossible. 
  • The government can keep track of where your transactions surface, triangulate your position and have a more or less clear idea of where you are. 
  • If you’re wise enough to send all your data off to an exchange as part of KYC (which completely contradicts every principle of crypto and what it was designed for), they will definitely know where you are. 
  • Using the same addresses is not a good idea, and your email can be tied to your geographical location.
  • If the government decided to annihilate Bitcoin and resorted to ALL tactics it has in its pocket, it could. It hasn’t yet. But it can. 

So Bitcoin is pseudo-anonymous, as you probably heard, and if someone very good at coding (the type of person usually employed by the NSA and CIA) decided to find and arrest you for whatever reason they could. 

Meanwhile, you’ve heard an ecstatic review of the new MimbleWImble Coin. What’s up with that?

MimbleWImble Coin

Mimblewimble crypto protocol makes tracking, arrests, and solitary confinements a thing of the past. How?

Every time you use encryption you make it a lot difficult or someone to find you. Even something as simple as TOR could make that very tough. Now, imagine there were a dozen technologies just as efficient as TOR that worked together. And you used all of them. At the same time. Could someone find you then? 

Warning! Before you go on you should probably buy a million or two of these — not sure if the price will go up tenfold before you finish this article. By the way, you might also want to check out MWC’s MimbleWimble Coin Wallet.

What’s Mimblewimble coin price?

If you’re looking for the famous MimbleWimble Coin itself, you’re making a great life choice. Calling it Bitcoin 2.0 wouldn’t be far of the truth:

The MWC network was launched in November 2019 and has functioned flawlessly with 100% uptime. High-quality information is deficient, plenty of ignorance and the result is significant asymmetric knowledge. Nevertheless, MWC is the technologically superior ghost money. — MimbleWimble Coin Official

MibmleWimble Coin price currently proudly stands at 19,84 $ with price predictions ranging wildly (just like its market) but some as high as $500+.

Alternatively, probably two of the best-known coins based on MimbleWImble protocol are Beam and Grin. They also deserve a couple of books respectively but you can get BEAM for 0,418797$ and GRIN for $0.525918, before they start going up like crazy, and read books later when there’s time.

What am I investing into?

Satoshi is legend

Mimblewimble is an extremely complicated protocol that is virtually impossible to understand even if you’re a great coder. That’s because the technology behind it is very, very effective and takes a lot of amazing infrastructures. Fortunately, it’s still easily accessible. 

The magic of Bitcoin tech: the fact that you’re a non-programmer does not exempt you from using the best technology can offer. 

Satoshi turned up, created a product, gave it to ordinary people, and disappeared (as soon as he found out the FBI wanted to have a friendly chat over frappuccinos). 

Mimblewimble was introduced in the same way. Some shadowy figure turned up on a forum, created one post, and vanished. Later the users started reading it and realized it was not just genius. It was extremely genius. IA protocol that made crypto pretty much invulnerable to tracking. And it came with a lot more advantages than that. If you want to find out more, check out this awesome video about MimbleWImble in human language. It’s also definitely worth checking out Graftroot and related tech.

Where? Where?

Now, there’s a lot more to this, a lot more that will take books and movies to cover. If dandelions are your thing, you want to check out Brief History of MimbleWimble White Paper on GitHub. But if like us, your passion is immediately ignited by exciting new tech, you probably want to know how to mine MimbleWImble Coin and where to buy it. If you have an Nvidia 1080Ti or 2080Ti or an 8GB GPU, set your miner to C31, warns the official website, and the mining guide can be found on GitHub too.

A Mimblewimble chart can be found on Coimmarket cap, and there  Mimblewimble coin news on Coindesk.

Provable security analysis for Mimblewimble is provided by Georg Fuchsbauer et al.

Looking for a Mimblewimble coin exchange? 

You can buy Mimblewimble Coin on Coinbase if you read very carefully all the reviews about coinbase and confirm you’re ok with all the risks.

We recommend using only the safe exchanges that don’t pass on your KYC data! They don’t tell you this but in the world of crypto MimbleWImble is a treehouse and KYC is a metaphorical infernal creature of the night that stalks gullible newbies. Don’t fall prey to data harvesting! Without privacy you have nothing. 

Nominex offers stellar security, no KYC on amounts of up to 3BTC, and a row of other stellar features which you can find here. Use a hardware wallet and trade responsibly!


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