Scalping strategy

Scalping strategy: if it’s good enough for the paramilitary, it’s good enough for you

Scalping is a way of making money that minimizes losses (and profits) by placing orders, getting small profits, REALLY keeping your eyes on the price, and quickly getting out when the job is done. 

Fighting Rise of The Machines 

Rise of The Machines

Trading bots are especially great at this, with nanosecond reaction times and much, much better calculational capacities. The last decade saw 90% of traders leave the classical institutions like banks. As Arnie showed us though, Rise of The Machines can be beaten. You can even get your own T-800 trading bot and use machines against machines. Or would you like to go all-natural and try scalping for yourself? Then all that stands between you and getting blasted out of the water liquidity is a good scalping strategy for Bitcoin (best option) but also altcoins which are more volatile and therefore will make things a little salty.

What’s the best scalping strategy in crypto? If you chose scalping as your preferred method of trading, sparks are flying. Lots of active participation, lots of adrenaline, tons of fun, and even consistent gains. That’s what the scalping race is about. But to avoid flying out of the track at the next corner before you begin you want to know what the best strategy is so that you can maximize profits and lower your risk. 

In scalping, markets are especially vicious, a second’s delay can cost you the whole thing — and before you know it the market is attacking you like a mother bear protecting her cubs. Ever been mauled by a grizzly bear? Not cool. So don’t leave home without protection. 

Protecting yourself every day against crypto scalping strategy fails

What are the most important things to note when it comes to profitable trading? While some will tell you that there is THE BEST strategy out there which they will share with you for only $5.99, and you will see your investment go up from $10 000 to $4 000 000 before you sip from a can of Coke, contemplate this. 

Technically, there is no perfect scalping bitcoin strategy. Trading involves risks. Therefore you have to trade responsibly. The best scalping strategies out there involve the following steps that must be taken before you start. 

Best scalping strategy crypto: diversify your savings

Don’t bet everything on red

Don’t bet everything on red. The only way to get profits from a casino is to invest in them as a business. Trading is not a casino. Therefore betting your life savings on some one thing is not a good idea. Have a contingency plan! 

Cover your assets! Examine the context carefully

When you’re scalping, go with the general trend. If you’re seeing the market go up, set small orders with small targets, and get out quick. The trend is your friend! Learn how to spot the direction in which the market is going. Scalping involves making small gains over a very short period and disappearing. It’s elegant, classy, and cool. 

Military strategy

Think of the reason why the US lost in Vietnam to bushmen with poison sticks. They showed up, did what they needed to do, and got out. The military still uses the strategy when they need to ghost an enemy base. It’s flawless. 

However! Remember that theory and practice are different things. Scalping is famous among other niches for colossal percentage of fails. Want to learn more before you begin with the real thing? These article from our blog will help: 

How to scalp?

Here’s an example.

BTC is trading at $8500. You buy a $1000’s worth. An hour later BTC is worth $9000. You sell. You made a 5% profit on $1000, which is $50. Repeat! 

Know your limits

Scalping crypto: know when you’re going to lose 

It’s important to know your limits. If you’re willing to gain 20% and risk 10% if you lose 10% don’t wait for the trend to reverse and get out before you lose more. You’re not losing millions here, so just go, start over, and have fun the next time. 

Test the system

You know you’re going to have some sort of a system. For example, one SMA is above the other. The market is going to move! And you place your bets on the upward trend. And it’s cold-bloodily and completely carelessly moving down. Ouch! You thought you had $350, now you have -$25.

No matter what system you have, make sure to always test it on land first.  Maybe you want to use the RSI (within reason) or you know some outstanding news just came out and the asset is going up. Maybe you found an exchange where the trades are happening — and then 30 seconds later another exchange repeats the movements one for one every time. 

Nominex offers a system of demo accounts that allow you to buy, sell, and have fun without risking real money. You can try out your strategy in a sandbox first, and if it works enough times, make it happen in the real world. Pre-flight testing is crucial. 

Make sure your exit strategy is bulletproof

When it’s time to get out, get out. One large loss can negate everything you worked for for eons. 

Don’t get distracted

Scalping involves quite a process of continuously placing orders over long periods. Make sure no-one gets to you during that time, so disable all communications and let everyone know the party isn’t starting until the evening. 

Earn quite some money using the best scalping strategy in crypto

Some traders are quoting earning half a million a month with just scalping. Consistent results! Small risks! Your dividends are off the charts! No need to get into anything else! What’s not to love? Whether we believe them is another story, but there’s definitely some money to be made scalping. Check out a few videos, cross-reference the results.

Bitcoin scalping strategy tips

While there is no one way to guarantee your profits, and all good things only come with experience, learning these patterns will provide you with a  strategic advantage.

Cryptocurrency scalping strategy indicators

Indicators are a huge part of this process. Make sure you understand SMAs, parabolic SARs, and all the rest of it. There’s nothing simple about simple moving averages, and RSI only works some of the time. Explore! Compare different accounts of events. Check where your information is coming from. 

Choose Bitcoin for its lower volatility

Altcoins can be more volatile, change their mind quickly, and create problems for you in a jiffy. That’s why at least in the beginning Bitcoins is recommended. Also because it’s awesome. 

Choose an exchange with small fees

Obviously, the more you trade, the more fees you will have. Choosing an exchange with small fees is as important as choosing a good scalping crypto strategy. 

Nominex is proud to offer not only the lowest fees in the business but also discounts so massive that in fact, you’ll have negative fees, such as an unprecedented referral program with unlimited levels to earn from. 
You can try out your best cryptocurrency scalping strategies using Nominex’s famous demo mode here and check out plenty of funky and cool new features too!


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