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Metamask connecting to main ethereum network | Nominex Blog

Metamask connecting to main ethereum network

Metamask is a digital wallet used for decentralized blockchain-based applications. This digital wallet is built on Ethereum standards and can connect to the Ethereum network. But how does it work?

In general, you can use Metamask as the main Ethereum blockchain wallet and store all kinds of digital currencies that work with Ethereum standards in this wallet.

How to connect Metamask to the Ethereum Mainnet?

The method of using a metamask is simple. This digital wallet is available as a browser plugin. you can store your desired cryptocurrency on it with just a few clicks. To connect Metamask to the Ethereum network, you must do the following:

  1. First, install the Metamask on your browser and open it.
  2. After opening Metamask, click on the account icon at the top

3. The next section opens a page through which you can select the settings option at the bottom.

4. From this section, open the Networks option.

5. Now a page will be placed in front of you where you can select Ethereum mainnet. Of course, by default, the Metamask wallet is connected to Ethereum, but sometimes you need to do this manually according to the above steps.

How do I connect my MetaMask to private network?

Of course, the Metamask wallet accepts digital currencies that work with the Ethereum standard, but you can use it for other blockchain networks as well. To do this, go to the Networks tab according to the steps described above and follow this section:

  1. First, select Add Networks from the page in front of you.

2. There are several options on this page that you must manually set. For example, if you want to connect the Metamask wallet to the Binance network, you must confirm the desired values ​​according to the image below

How do you add ETH to MetaMask?

As I explained earlier, Metamask is known as the Ethereum Network Digital Wallet. But how can ETH be added to this wallet? To be able to enter the desired amount of ETH into this wallet, you must provide the address of your wallet to the person in issue or provide it in the transaction. To do this, first, log in to Metamask and go to the Account section in Metamask.  the address of the digital wallet, which if you hover over it with the mouse, showed on top of the page and you can copy it from there.

You can give this address to the transferor to send you the specified amount of ETH you want. After a few minutes, ETH transfers to your Metamask wallet.

Benefits of connecting Metamask Wallet to Ethereum Network

Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum uses a more advanced blockchain that can be used for smart contracts and decentralized applications. For this purpose, all wallets that work on the Ethereum standard, including Metamask, can connect to decentralized applications so that the user can use the services of such applications.

For example, decentralized apps have enabled the sale of their in-house items or services with Ethereum-based digital currencies, which you can easily purchase from the app using a blockchain Metamask wallet. Give.


Metamask is an excellent digital wallet that can be used for all decentralized applications based on Ethereum. Also, if you have a digital currency with the Ethereum standard, you can store it in your Metamask wallet. By default, this wallet connects to the main Ethereum network, but in this article, we learned how to manually connect the Metamask wallet to the Ethereum blockchain.

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