How to transfer BNB, USDT, NMX of BEP-20 type to Metamask

Ok, so you registered the Metamask. (if not, check this out) At the same time, your Metamask initially works on the ETH blockchain. You can see it here. We need to fix this.

  • Go to the wallet

  • In the MetaMask wallet, open an account

  • Go to the settings page
    At the very bottom, we find the networks and click “Add a new network” (“new network┬╗)

  • Enter the following data
    Network Name: BSC Mainnet
    New RPC URL
    ChainID: 56
    Token: BNB
    URL of the explorer:
  • After that, click “Save” to add BSC Mainnet to your MetaMask wallet.

Congratulations! You now have a MetaMask wallet configured for BSC. You can now store your BEP20 tokens and connect your MetaMask wallet to dApps on the Binance chain. That is, to the decentralized exchange Pancake swap.

Now expand the list of networks and select BSC Mainnet. You can add and manage all BEP20 tokens from this network.

By default, BNB wallet will be added to your account.
First, you need to top up your BNB account (BEP 20). After that, add two new custom tokens BEP20 USDT and BEP20 NMX.
Important! You are on the BSC network and can only add BEP20 tokens, not ERC20.

Top up your BNB balance using your binance account (at the time of writing this article, BNB BEP20 has not yet been registered on Nominex)

  • Go to the BNB wallet on the binance and click Withdraw
  • Copy the wallet address in the metamask
  • Insert this address in the recipient’s line
  • Select the Smart Binance Chain (BEP20)
  • If it is the first time you do it, then you will have to answer 4 questions. Mini test that you understand that you are working with another network.
  • Ok, now send the desired amount of BNB with minimal fees

  • After a while, we check the balance on the metamask wallet. The money has arrived! Hooray. It doesn’t take more than 2-3 minutes. We need BNB to pay them commissions for making transactions on DEX Pancake swap. You don’t need a lot of it, so expect that more than $ 30-40 in BNB will be enough to make the largest transactions.

Now add USDT BEP 20.

To add a custom Binance token-Peg BUSD-T (BEP20),

Click “Add Token” – select your own token, and then enter the token contract address 0x55d398326f99059ff775485246999027b3197955. Click next.

Voila. The USDT token has been added.

Now we need to send our USDT to this wallet. Here you can consider several options:

1: You have USDT on Nominex or any other exchange
2: You have USDT on Binance
3: You don’t have USDT

In the first case

You transfer USDT from Nominex or any other exchange to Binance, while choosing a network of TRC 20 rather than ERC 20 to minimize commissions.

In the second case

If you have already had or have appeared USDT on your Binance account, you need to send USDT to the address of the metamask wallet in the BSC Mainnet network by selecting the BEP20 network. (after adding the token to the wallet)

In the third case

You just need to buy USDT for any cryptocurrency or fiat on the Binance exchange and then follow the instructions in paragraph 2.

Now add NMX BEP 20

Sending will be carried out from the Nominex exchange to the Metamask wallet.

In the Metamask, you will also need to add the NMX coin.

Add it too, just as you added USDT, the address of NMX smart contract is:


In the end you will have some BNB, USDT, and NMX in your wallet.

You can find the full list of BEP20 tokens and their contract details on
Now you can withdraw 20 BEP coins and tokens to your MetaMask wallet from your Binance or Nominex account.

Note: Since all of these tokens are built on the Binance smart network, you will need BNB to cover the fees. This is the same as ETH, but instead of ETH, you will have to use BNB as a payment for gas.

Here you can find the current gas price and the gas limit that is used in BSC:

In the next post we will share how to swap NMX and USDT and add them to liquidity pools.


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