How to trade on Binance for free using NMX farming

Crypto exchange Nominex continues to bring value to its users in addition to farming with one of the top APYs in the industry (at the time of publication it is more than 1400%, taking into account weekly reinvestments) and a bunch of different bonuses.

Nominex becomes a member of the Binance broker program taking full advantage of both exchanges. Most importantly, Nominex provides functionality that will enable Nominex and Binance users to get the most favorable trading conditions on the market.

4 points that pushed us to become a Binance broker:

  • Almost every person who enters the crypto industry sooner or later creates an account on Binance.
  • Binance has a large number of trading pairs, the largest liquidity among all exchanges, and advanced trading tools. We could have met almost all the indicators, but in terms of liquidity we would always lag behind, and this is one of the most powerful arguments when choosing an exchange as a trader.
  • Our users like farming, it makes real money. The price of the NMX token directly depends on the demand for it. Traders will be able to provide additional demand. Our task is to attract as many traders as possible.
  • In traditional financial markets, no one creates new exchanges, but new successful brokers appear at existing exchanges. Of course, you can trade on these exchanges on your own with a lot of capital and certain licenses. But what value do the brokers bring?

    There are advantages to working with brokers:
  • Minimum budget to enter the market
  • Access to foreign securities or special assets
  • Convenient and understandable trading applications
  • Reputation

Why does Nominex need this?

  • No liquidity risks
    Nominex will not provide its own funds for liquidity. This gives us the opportunity to allocate financial resources more efficiently, including for improving the product, raising the level of specialists, improving the quality of work and promoting Nominex around the world.
  • No commissions for cross-exchange transactions
    Previously, to ensure liquidity of trading pairs, part of our funds lay in Binance wallets. We duplicated clients’ transactions on Binance and paid commissions for this, as well as transferred funds between exchanges. Therefore, now we will not pay commissions for this, and all processes will be simplified when we open a broker account. Thus, operating costs are optimized and again will be used for product development.
  • No problem of lack of liquidity
    The broker program allows you to connect all the liquidity that is on Binance. Thus, we listen and implement the wishes of our community, part of which was to increase and stabilize liquidity.
  • Almost all existing currency pairs
    Another wish of the community was to list as many trading pairs as possible on the exchange. Therefore, at one point, we will give our users the opportunity to trade on all currency pairs that are on Binance.
  • Margin trading, futures and staking
    And other Binance trading instruments will be available on Nominex. (not right away). First of all, we integrate SPOT trading tools.
    Nominex, as a partner of the Binance broker program, receives a 40% discount on trading commissions, as well as the benefits of Binance’s asset management and security infrastructure.

How will it work?

We have a corporate account on Binance. We use it to create isolated sub-accounts for each user registered with us. When a user initiates the procedure for replenishing the balance on Nominex, he is in fact provided with the wallet address on the Binance sub-account that corresponds to this user.

Further, when a user trades on Nominex, he sees all the beech order and all currencies available on Binance. When creating an order on Nominex, we, in turn, recreate it via the API on Binance on behalf of the subaccount of the user who created the order. Orders are matched on the Binance side. We, in turn, display data on our side and provide users with a trading interface.

Why do you need a direct copy of Binance?

A unique feature of Nominex is its utilitarian staking. There are user levels depending on the size of the staking. With the maximum level the user gets endless possibilities like completely free trading and free withdrawal of funds. There are 6 user levels in total. The maximum level is set when staking $10,000 and a person can trade with it for free.

Thus, the NMX token becomes even more useful. Staking is becoming even more utilitarian and infrastructural.

After integrating with Binance, Nominex users will get:

  • 0% fees when trading on Binance through Nominex
  • All Binance + Nominex Trading Pairs
  • All Binance liquidity
  • All Binance Trading Instruments
  • No KYC up to 3 BTC
  • 2000% income from NMX farming
  • In case of an increase in demand, an increase in the price of NMX
  • Margin trading
  • Futures
  • And other tools that will be created on Nominex to complete the functionality of Binance

Free Trade!
When paying fees with the native token of the NMX exchange on Nominex, users are given a 50% discount. When farming NMX and purchasing an affiliate level, there is an additional discount on the trading commission from 20 to 100%. And also 6 other types of affiliate bonuses. This is the utility of NMX staking.

When you reach the maximum partner level, trading on Nominex becomes free! This, in turn, means essentially free trading on Binance as all of its functionality will be available on Nominex!

Force of Interaction
If everyone goes forward together, then success will take care of itself“. – Henry Ford

Nominex has managed to take the very best from Binance without losing itself. What happens in the aggregate:

🔹Binance now has a 25% discount when paying trading fees with BNB token. When paying commission with NMX tokens, the discount will be 50%, and at the maximum level on Nominex, which can be obtained through NMX farming, trading will become completely free, that is, the discounts on Binance will be 100%.

🔹In fact, you can make money on the NMX farming and at the same time trade for free on the Binance exchange.

🔹Our trading tournaments and other unique features that we continue to implement will be hosted by Binance.

🔹Nominex will provide additional value in the form of new trading tools: semi-automatic trading bots, copy trading and much more.

🔹 The NMX token is becoming even more popular, since it is simply more profitable to work with it on Nominex. Staking becomes even more utilitarian. All this can lead to an increase in the price of the NMX.

🔹Many have received good income from the rise in the price of the BNB token with the development of Binance. A similar opportunity arises to do this with NMX with the development of Nominex.

Provided that everything goes according to plan, the demand for the NMX will be increased due to its utility. And the increased demand for the token, in turn, directly affects the price growth.

Want to trade Binance for free?
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